Street Renaming

Due to the burdens on individuals to change personal identification, accounts, and other materials when an address change occurs, street renaming is uncommon, occurring in the following circumstances:

  • 911 identifies a street name issue that presents a life-safety problem that needs to be rectified.  This occurs when existing naming/numbering demonstrably impacts the accuracy of dispatching emergency responders causing delays in service.  Staff initiate the renaming and communicate to all property owners the need to change and work with them to come up with a name they are in agreement with.
  • Property owners request a street renaming and work with staff to identify a street name that is not a duplicate in the Orange County 911 emergency dispatch service area.  Once all property owners indicate agreement to the change, the change can go forward. 
  • Town Council requests exploration of a change. Staff evaluates for conflicts/duplicates and a change can be made if it does not duplicate an existing name.

Recent Street Name Changes

Carr Street to Braxton Foushee Street (effective March 27, 2024)

The street renaming was proposed on Oct. 17, 2023, when the Carrboro Town Council heard a request from Dave Mason, president of the Lincoln High School Alumni Association, Pat Mason and Herman Murrell Foushee for a street to be named “Braxton Foushee Street.”

Braxton Foushee has dedicated over 54 years of his life to continuous service as an elected official, a member of a town advisory board and a community leader. He became the first Black member of the Carrboro Town Council in 1969, serving until 1981.

Carr Street is named for Julian Carr, a noted white supremacist. The namesake of Carrboro, he was an active and influential participant in Jim Crow era efforts to create a system of racial segregation.